Why That ‘Chanel Crasher’ Women Disrupted The Runway To Have Her Own Paris Fashion Week Moment

Recently at the finale of Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week, one women jumps on the runway and started walking along with models. After that the videos goes viral on social media and received many views. Well, that women was not a stranger. She as Marie Benoliel, French YouTuber and she knew what she was doing. A fashion lover, comedian and self-proclaimed “chameleon”, Benoliel is no stranger to Chane;s oeuvre.“I’ve always dreamt to become a Chanel égérie [muse],” she tells TIME.

Benoliel’s moment in the Chanel sun ultimately ended when supermodel Gigi Hadid confronted her, helping her off the stage. But not before she had her moment.

The moment was widely shared on Twitter. “Gigi is obviously sublime and a fashion icon, and I understand her reaction somewhat and continue to love her in spite of that”, Benoliel says in an interview.

Benoliel goes everywhere and infiltrating all kinds of places and events she says. On her YouTube Channel that has 227,000 subscribers. She is known for satirising French culture and society. It’s kind of a social experiment and Chanel wasn’t her first venture in disrupting the fashion world. She is based in Paris and recently crashed the stage of a show by Étam, the French lingerie line.

Though not all of her comedic and artistic work invades the world of fashion, there’s an important reason why she chose Chanel to crash, rather than another show. “Chanel is eternal”, she says, “My tribute was a desire to take part in this eternity for a few minutes.”

And, while her skirt-suit didn’t come from Chanel’s new collection, it had sentimental value. “The suit I was wearing on the catwalk actually belongs to my mom and she has been wearing it since I was born,” she says.

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