Kay Beauty Review: Katrina Kaif Is No Kylie Jenner, Here’s The Reason Why?

Recently, Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif has come out with her beauty line called Kay by Katrina. The actress shared a sneak-peek of her beauty line on Instagram and captioned the video, “It’s finally ready. Arriving October 22, 2019”

On Tuesday, several A-listers from Bollywood congratulated the 36-year-old actress on social media. Actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Hritik Roshan, Arjun Kapoor, Karan Johar, Swara Bhaskar among others posted congratulatory messages for the actress on Twitter and Instagram.

Katrina said she dreamt about the beauty line two years ago. “Two years ago I dreamt of creating a beauty line. So excited to finally share it with you. Can’t wait and it’s all on @kaybykatrina #kaybykatrina #kayxnykaa,” she added.

The actress shared a letter. She wrote: “For as long as I can remember, makeup has been an innate part of my journey- from the runway to the big screen, and now I have rendered my love for it to Kay Beauty, my first ever Beauty Brand!”

Katrina says she created a brand that truly stands for what she believes in. “I’m always on the clock, always on the run, with endless shots that involve me wearing make-up all the time. As much as I love the look and feel of it, I do wish my skin felt as comfortable, as I did wearing it.”

Her beauty line is “a bridge between high glamour and care.” She said. Her products are available on Nykaa online website. And in the beginning, she comes up with five products which include Kajal in high drama, gel and kohl, lip crayon, lip pencil, eyebrow pencil, and a lip topper.

What Is The Price of Kay Beauty Products?

  • The lip crayon comes with 24 shades and costs Rs 799.
  • The lip pencil comes in 12 shades and costs Rs 550.
  • The lip topper comes in 6 shades and costs Rs 699.
  • The kajal range comes from Rs 250 to Rs 599.
  • The eyebrow pencil comes in 3 shades and costs Rs 599.

This price range strikes as a drugstore deal like Maybelline or LO’real. Katrina’s investment in a makeup line isn’t as fulfilling as of those who do it in the west, for example Kylie’s entire lip kit with a liquid lipstick of 3.25 gms costs around Rs 2000. Katrina’s lip crayon and lip pencil paired together come around Rs 1350. The downside of crayons in that the quantity isn’t visible to the naked eye. They need to be sharpened and aren’t the best choice for a lip product at this price.

Packaging of Kay Beauty:

The packaging of Kay Beauty is average and comes with the ‘K’ monogram all over it. The uni-carton is just as mundane as the thought process behind it. The logo and the name won’t help Katrina stand out since Kay can be misunderstood as ‘K’ beauty which is better known as Korean beauty products.

Branding of Kay Beauty Products:

If we talk about the branding of these latest products, then it seems like Katrina have not put too many efforts in that. If we compared it with Kylie then she invests a lot in PR packaging and collaborating with beauty influencers to get her product out there. Kylie’s presence on social media aided with her concept of bringing out something unique in the market, helped her sustain despite having no background in the field. She does swatches, first impressions and takes feedbacks from her fans as well. Katrina has all the resources needed and yet came up with an outdated collection of products that are well marketed by other brands. The actress did not put in much to hype it either.

Why Katrina is NO Kylie Jenner?

In the beginning, celebrities coming out with their beauty line is a good move. However, it is also the fact that being a full-time actress doesn’t allow one to put in the same amount of effort and presence as a makeup entrepreneur world.

Kylie Jenner, who transformed herself into a makeup mogul in a short period. In 2019, she becomes the youngest self-made billionaire which included Jenner on its list of the billionaires. Kylie regularly comes up with several collections on prominent days, clearances sales, give-aways and pop up stores, which have made her a known brand in the makeup community.

For Katrina, who has been in the beauty business for decades and then come out with the most mundane products, with the same shades available by other brands isn’t going to help make sales, even with a face value on it.

Katrina Is Being Called Out For Copying Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Shoot

According to the sources, Katrina is being called out for copying Kim Kardashian’s makeup shoot. Recently, Kim Kardashian’s collaboration with model Winny Harlow made headlines. And now, social media warriors are comparing her pictures from the photoshoot to Katrina Kaif’s makeup line! Kim’s KKW Beauty art direction features Kim and model Winnie Harlow in a yin-yang position, while Kay’s art direction has two models in a similar pose. You can check the pictures below:

Despite the controversies, we wish her all the best for her future and congratulate her on business. Don’t forget to put your views in the comments section.

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