Sneha Namanandi

The journey of Sneha Namanandi: From Hockey Player To Web Series Actress

Becoming a successful actor can be hard. People often used to say that there is so much competition in the engineering and medical field but if you see there’s also huge competition in Bollywood too. Millions of people dream about becoming a successful actor/actress. But only a few make their way to be on that stage and the only way to achieve that position is the amount of hard work you put in your dream or passion. Today, we have a special guest with us whom we interviewed a few days back and got some tips and advice for the beginners who also want to become a successful actor.

Sneha Namanandi is an actress who has worked in many TV shows like ‘Gumrah’, ‘Halla Bol’ and ‘Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi’, She has done a Kannada movie called ‘Lee’. You can also see her in the Alt Balaji web series Ragini MMS. Sneha also featured in around 8-10 music videos.

Sneha describes herself as a person who loves to be happy all the time. For her, the most important aspect of life is living the present. She doesn’t like to live in the past as its only in our minds and that’s not the reality. Sneha acts according to situations thinking about what is the need for the hour. Sneha said, “I believe in perception more than in right or wrong. I don’t believe in competition or comparison. I love my job as an actor and I love playing sports”. She is a hockey player and still loves to play throwball and badminton. For her working towards the betterment of the situation is more important than morals and principals.

Sneha Namanandi

When we asked Sneha, when she thought of starting this profession and what are the problems you have faced during the early days? She said, “when I started going to college, I dream of becoming a successful actress. Everyone in the early days of their struggle faces problems in their journey. Some in the beginning and some in between. I wouldn’t call it problems. Those are incidents or challenges which is a part of life, it teaches you to learn and grow. You have to learn a lesson from your mistakes and not to repeat them in the future. We all as actors improve our skills and then slowly get better at our jobs. Everyone faces rejections, delays in projects, false commitments at the beginning of our careers. And I have faced it too but I don’t regret it as it taught me a lot.”

When she looked back at her acting, dancing and sports skills. She feels she can do better each day and that feeling motivates her a lot in moving forward and working hard. On comparing her life to the past, she said, “I have evolved as a person and I believe everything can be changed but you should maintain your innocence which is the most priceless thing. With time I have matured and learned that no one is small or big. And all deserve the same respect and kindness. Living in the moment is very important as once that moment is gone we will never get it back”.


Sneha has worked with many brands like TSeries, Zee, Prabh Gill Music, Jass Records, Alt Balaji and many more. In the future, she wants to be a successful actress and when people refer to me, they should call her a performer. She also wants to open a beautiful cafe because she has always been a coffee lover.

For the beginners, Sneha’s three pieces of advice are 1. don’t forget living and being happy in the process of achieving something, 2. Be as organic as you are in your skills, keep your ego aside and control your temper. Always remember we all are made of the same elements, so be down to earth as possible as that is going to take you to heights, 3. Take your decisions based on your intuitions and if required taking a little advice from senior actors won’t make you any small.

It was nice interviewing Sneha and we wish her all the success in life. You can follow her on Instagram here.

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