NYFW 2019: Rihanna Took Her Savage X Fenty Show To Another Whole New Level, It’s The Greatest Show On The Earth

Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty 40-minute performance was a master piece. The designer lingerie was the talk of New York Fashion Week. The show began with her at the center. Encircled by a group of 10, she led a spellbinding dance performance set to pummeling, industrial electronic music. She quickly ceded the Barclays Center stage in Brooklyn, and the show blossomed into something broader as Big Sean performed his verse from “Clique.” A$AP Ferg joined him. A series of Hollywood Squares–style dances began in a stacked grid of mini stages, bathed in neon light.

The A-list guests were banned from using their phones after Amazon Prime Video bagged the rights to stream it. It would be very hard for people to not to post photos of this show. They are not allowed to post photos before Amazon streams it from 20 September.

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The event featured music stars like DJ Khaled, Halsey, Big Sean and Migos.

One of the Barbadian star tweeted, “You have no idea how crazy of a show is coming.”

The 31 year old singer turned designer attempted to “blend music, fashion and culture,” with special appearances from models like Bella and Gigi Hadid, Normani and Cara Delevinge.

My phone was just put in a sealed bag by Amazon for the duration of the @rihanna Fenty show and I am… so grateful. — Emilia Petrarca (@EmiliaPetrarca) September 11, 2019

Amazon could have their #Beyonce moment with #Rihanna’s #SavageXFenty…aka Emmy nominations, just like #Homecoming did for Netflix. — Elizabeth Wagmeister (@EWagmeister) September 11, 2019

Rihanna’s lingerie line has always focused on diversity and inclusion. A range of bodies and people that’s often drawn sharp contrasts to Victoria’s Secret’s narrower aesthetic. This Savage X Fenty show is a way to communicate the company’s values. For its attendees, it’s a way to receive those messages and enjoy that performance and inevitably, a way to celebrate Rihanna herself.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Obviously, the expectation of show’s attendees were high because it’s Rihanna. The somehow know that the show began that a Rihanna-led fashion show would mean something expansive and multidisciplinary.

According to W Magazine, the Amazon deal was “taking fashion week into the streaming era.” And Variety’s Elizabeth Wagmeister wrote, “The show was unlike anything previously staged during Fashion Week – and possibly anywhere.”

“What’s happened to the fashion show of late is it’s all about who is there and it’s the greatest show on Earth,” Graafland told the BBC.

“Everybody wants the eyes of the world on their show. Now Rihanna has turned it into a piece of theater, conceptualized it and is making people see it as she wants them to see it.”

After the show, Rihanna told Business of Fashion, “I love how she makes everything sexy despite society’s ideal of what sexy looks. I don’t care about any skinny Victoria’s Secret model when I look at Paris. I want to be that woman on the inside.”

Amazon Studios described the show as “a radical departure from tradition”, with “exciting surprises around every corner”.

The show received huge appreciation from everyone around the world and now we cannot wait to watch this show on Amazon Prime.

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