London Fashion Week : Extinction Rebellion Protesters Cover Themselves in Fake Blood And Stage ‘die-in’ Outside Venue

Extinction Rebellion activists arrived at the venue on London’s Strand early this morning. All the activist were covered in fake blood and lying down for press photographers, as the high-profile event got under way.

Participants were led away by Police shouting: “You choose profit over planet, profit over people, profit over our future.” They also shared press released and said that this dramatic action signalled the “blood on the hands” of the industry due to its environmental record.

The five days of action against the fashion industry, which it describes as “one of the most polluting in the world with a carbon footprint more than international flights and shipping combined.

The activist planned protests will include a non-disrupting all rally in Lyric Square, Hammersmith on Saturday. They will block some major roads near Fashion Week venues on Sunday.

A climate change activist looks on a police officer during this morning’s protests (REUTERS)

Sara Arnold, 31 -years-old Extinction Rebellion spokeswoman said that the main event will be held on Tuesday for the last day of London Fashion Week, as the activists take part in a funeral procession from Trafalgar Square to the event’s central venue 180 Strand.

This will be the biggest action, a funeral procession to mark the end of Fashion Week, called ‘London Fashion Week: Rest in Peace’,” Ms Arnold confirmed.

“It will be a funeral for London Fashion Week but also commemorating the lives that have been lost due to climate change and ecological collapse. Obviously the fashion industry has had a big impact on the crisis.”

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