Fashion Brand Kimhēkim Criticized For Using IV Drips In Runway Show

Kimhēkim is facing backlash after using intravenous (IV) drip bags as accessories for its recent runway show during Paris Fashion Week.

This is a Paris based fashion brand, for the spring/summer 2020 show they featured models walking the runway holding IV bags similar to those found in hospitals and wearing bandages on their arms. In one of the photos from the show, you can see the model wearing a t-shirt that says, “Sick” as she walked the runway.

The designer shared videos from the show, as well as an unclose picture of the Kimhēkim-branded IV bags, people have criticised the “tasteless” decision to use medical accessories and illness as a fashion statement.

In addition to accusations of ableism, some said that brand was acting insensitively towards people who suffer from illnesses or disabilities. 

“What is this?? Being sick isn’t a fashion accessory,” one person commented. 
Another said: “This is NOT fashion. Being sick isn’t ‘trendy’ or ‘cool’”. 

“This is a reprehensible concept and deeply insensitive to all those who struggle with illness,” someone else commented. 

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