Alibaba Designers Used Artificial Intelligence To Shape New York Fashion Week Looks

We all know that technology is everywhere and technology is more than just a few fields. It has its applications in every field whether it is healthcare, agriculture, finance or even fashion. New York Fashion Week 2019 is now underway and it is a celebration of creativity, crafts, imagination, and human ingenuity. But in 2019, it is a little bit different. Some designers are relying on data collected by the Chinese -e-commerce giant Alibaba to inform their looks. 

“We used big data to help these designers hone in on a few trends and have their collections built around these trends,” James Lin, head of fashion at Alibaba North America, told the Nikkei Asian Review. “Based on what our consumers are wanting to buy, are looking for, are searching, we can help these designers create collections that appeal to a very big group.”

The company is investing a lot of resources and effort into lifestyle products. It appears to maintain steady popularity and is exceptionally able to withstand the pressures of the US-China trade war. The global management consultancy McKinsey predicts that in 2019 China will overtake the US as the world’s largest fashion market. CEO of Alibaba Daniel Zhang said last year that the sales of technology like smartphones were plateauing while lifestyle good’s sales did not abate. 

Alibaba is doing many projects in the fashion industry like their AI clothing store uses things like “smart mirrors” and “intelligent garment tags” to provide consumers with information as well as enhance their shopping experience. Now, as a slate of designers from China working with the e-tailer present at fashion week in the Big Apple, they are showing creations informed by data collected from billions of online Alibaba clothing purchases made by its 674 million annual active consumers.

That’s exactly what Alibaba is hoping to see with its investment in fashion AI. The company believes the data it garners from customers can help designers see six months into the future.

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