Valentina Sampaio

Valentina Sampaio Victoria’s Secret First Trans Model Plans To Change The Fashion Industry & Society

A few weeks ago, news broke on internet that the 22 year old Brazilian model Valentina Sampaio becomes the first transgender model hired by Victoria Secret. And for Sampaio also, this is more than just another job.

In an interview with , Sampaio says, “This represents a victory for society, not just the trans community but for all people who currently underrepresented in fashion. We are experiencing a moment, an evolution and it is a positive one. Brands are finally learning and catching up to the importance of inclusivity and diversity,” the Brazilian catwalker continued. “It is hugely important moment not only for myself, but my community and beyond.”

Indeed, she feels the weight on her wings. She also told that the outlet that she plans to use her voice and presence to “try to change the status quo not only in fashion industry but also in society.”

When she was asked about the brand’s transphobic history and controversial CMO, Ed Razek has since announce his retirement, Sampaio agent swiftly stepped in. “The world and the society are changing super fast,” Erio Zanon said. “So I think that even fashion industry must follow these changes in order to satisfy the new customers demands.”

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