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#Time4Respect : Over 100 Models Signed Petition, Victoria’s Secret On Sexual Misconduct

More than 100 models have signed an open petition written to Victoria’s Secret by The Model Alliance which calls upon the lingerie giant to protect its models against sexual misconduct.

Model Alliance is an organizations which works to “promote fair treatment, equal opportunity and sustainable practices in the fashion industry”.

They have posted open letter on Instagram which says, “We are writing today to express our concern for the safety and wellbeing of the models and young women who aspire to model for Victoria’s Secret. In the past few weeks, we have heard numerous allegations of sexual assault, alleged rape and sex trafficking of models and aspiring models. While those allegations may not have been aimed at Victoria’s Secret directly, it is clear that your company has a crucial role to play in remedying the situation.” The letter addressed to Victoria’s Secret CEO John Mehas.

Making reference to allegations aimed at disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein and photographers Timur Emek, David Bellemere and Greg Kadel. The organization said, it is “deeply disturbing that these men have leveraged their working relationships with Victoria’s Secret to lure and abuse” models. While Bellemre and Kadel were immediately fired by Victoria’s Secret after misconduct allegations came out and Emek has never been hired as a photographer by Victoria’s Secret. (he has attended the VS Fashion Show as a freelance photographer hired by the media).

“Victoria’s Secret has the opportunity to be a leader, to use its power and influence to bring about the changes that are urgently needed in our industry… If Victoria’s Secret were to take a stand against these abuses and commit to meaningful change by joining the RESPECT Program, this would go a long way in helping our industry chart a new path forward,” said the petition.

So far, models like Doutzen Kroes, Christy Turlington, Milla Jovovich and Iskra Lawrence signed the petition to stand in solidarity with The Model’s Alliance’s mission.

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