Shawn and Camila

Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello Heat Up MTV VMAs 2019 With Señorita Performance

On Monday, MTV Video Music Award 2019 was organized in Newark, New Jersey. And guess what, every touch between Camila Cabella and Shawn Mendes was ooh la la la at the event. The pair performed their song “Señorita” together for the first time since its June release.

Evoking the extremely steamy music video for single, Camila kicked things off in a sheer white long sleeved gown and singing the song’s opening lines as she walked atop stage littered with romantic lights. She stayed several steps away from Shawn before coming in close. After that she come close to drape her arms over his biceps, which he flaunted in a sleeveless white top.

Both singers share a few sensual moments, including one intense scene in which they stopped singing to gaze into each other’s eyes. They also teased several kisses during the performance without delivering but they did rub noses together before breaking into a smile, sharing a hug and left the stage hand in hand.


This performance came after Mendes took the stage solo to perform a giddy rendition of his hit “If I can’t have you”. They did not make their highly anticipated red carpet debut as a couple though both did pose separately. They also celebrated Mendes latest birthday with a kiss during his New York City party earlier this month.

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