Normani “Motivation” Music Video Is Filled With Tributes To Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez And Britney Spears

After touring as an opener for Ariana Grande earlier this year, Firth Harmony member Normani has shared her first ever solo track after a number of collaborations. On Friday, the music video released “Motivation” and the new music video is a can’t miss collage of pop culture tributes.

The video is a total time wrap, starting with a young Normani watching BET’s 106 and Park. We’re quickly propelled into Normani’s childhood dreams of becoming a superstar. Soon it turns out that, Normani dream video is filled with tributes to Beyonće, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears, I-D notes. Along with an opening outfit that closely resembles the white tank and denim shorts worn by Beyoncé in her iconic “Crazy in Love” walk, the video’s outdoor dancing scene and Normani’s ensuing moves, including a chain-link dance party, also reminded viewers of Britney and Usher.

This song is co-written with Ariana Grande and the song itself a sweet, poppy bop and the kind of song that goes great with Coco Helado, grills and long, lazy summer afternoons. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Normani told that this video was shot about a month ago. “It’s going to be worth the wait,” she said. “It’s an upbeat (song). It’s a feel-good record. I think that everybody will really love it. It was the first opportunity that I had to have fun.”

The apparent tributes to music video moments of the past don’t stop here, some of the fans pointed out that subtle references to “Jenny From the Block” and Ciara tweeting, “She gave us 2000 Ciara and Beyonće all in one video.” Whereas one follower tweeted that, “She really had the video set up to where she told a story of where young Normani saw herself being in the future. She put herself in the places of artists making a name for themselves at the time, hence the Beyoncé, Blaque, Ashanti, Omarion, Ciara, Usher, etc. references…HER MIND.”

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