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New York Based Fashion Designer Is Accusing Fashion Nova Of Copying Two Of Her Dresses

Recently Kim Shui accuses Fashion Nova, one of the viral brand of 2018 of ripping off two of her designs.

“ We recently had Kylie wear two of our dresses and an exact copy was made via Fashion Nova, “ Kim says in a statement to Fashionista. “I found these pieces because several people DM’d me on Instagram showing me the looks.”

In the past month, Kylie Jenner posted many photos of the original Kim Shui designs on her Instagram. You can see that below

Replicas of the dresses are now available for purchase on Fashion Nova for $40 and one has already sold out. Shui’s original versions retails for $295 and $260.

Shui also added in her statement that, “I understand that pieces can be inspired. I felt that they could have at least changed the colour or gloves somehow but when the dress is an exact copy, It has an impact on an independent business like ours.”

Anyway, this is not the first time when Fashion Nova has ended up in hot water due to copying.

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