German Fashion Designer Instagrammed His Shoes On Top Of His Ferrari And Ferrari Is Threatening To Sue

Recently, German Fashion Designer Philipp Plein posted a series of photo on Instagram which created a lot of buzz on internet. Plein aims that Ferrari is threatening to sue him because he posted images of his sneakers on the hood of his own personal supercar.

After few hours Plein received a letter from Ferrari which says, “Plein’s behavior tarnishes the reputation of Ferrari’s brands and causes Ferrari further material damage.” In addition to that letter also says that Plein is using Ferrari’s trademark for the “promotional purposes” of increasing his own brand and products visibility.

The photo in question has not yet been deleted as well as multiple others featuring the cars, even though Ferrari’s lawyers said they’d file a lawsuit within two days of the letter’s receipt.

The fashion designer Plein is calling the letter “blackmail” and has asked his followers to send photos of his shoes on top of their luxury cars. After that he made a slideshow of what his followers sent. He is positioning his fight as about more than just his show brand and the Italian carmaker. “This is a fight for our right to post on our private social media accounts whatever we decide (as long as it does not cause any harm to anybody),” he writes on his caption on Instagram.

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