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Fashion Designer Makes Fashion Collection From Tents Left Behind At Festivals

Chloe Baines, graduate from London College of Fashion designed a collection of clothing and jewellery from the up cycled tents and metal pegs left after music festivals.

The collection called In Tents : The After Party, was designed in collaboration with Central Saint Martins graduate Belle Smith who made matching earrings and rings from the tent pegs. Plastic tops, dresses and skirts were included in the collection made from discarded tents. She come to know about this idea when she visited the British Boomtown festival in 2018 where an announcement was made during the closing ceremony about the vast number of tents behind as waste.

“This become very real the next day when my friends and I were some of the last people to pack up our things and leave the site” said the graduate. “There were so many tents left behind that it looked as though nobody else had actually left. “ Many of tents had been stitched together and so she wanted to see if they could be sewn together in the same way to make clothes.


With the intention of creating a fashion line, the group of friends collected as many tents and tent parts as they could including pegs and ropes. She continued to collect damaged our unwanted tents from mutual friends, organizations and campsites. “It is a really enjoyable challenge to use recycled materials,” said Baines. “And I have always used them where possible in my work.”

“I think now that we are all so aware of the issues surrounding waste, particularly in the fashion industry, it’s a responsibility for new designers to consider how they can sustainably source their materials and inspire others to think in this way as well,” she added.

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