Extinction Rebellion

Cancel London Fashion Week Says Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion is back and this time it’s planning to “shut down” London Fashion Week in order to raise awareness of environmental damage caused by the fashion industry.

The activist group which has previously staged roadblocks in major UK cities, stripped down in the House of Commons and sparked worldwide die-ins in public areas across the globe has demanded that the British Fashion Council cancel the event. London Fashion Week is due to start on September 13. “For us, this is the last fashion week. We think if fashion week is still happening next season, we’re still at the point where we haven’t got to grips with this crisis quick enough” Sara Arnold who’s running the campaign said in an interview.

With a specific focus on changing the “culture around consumption”, areas that will be targeted include the British Fashion Council headquarters in Somerset House and New Bond Street in London’s West End. “The Fashion industry has a huge part to play in the current climate disaster” said Arnold. According to reports fashion industry is one of major polluters in world. “We’re singling out LFW because they’re thought leaders, they’re cultural leaders, and for that they need to step up and exert people to this emergency. They have to use the platform they have to its maximum potential.” Arnold added.

Some reporters asked that what the fashion industry could do be more sustainable, Arnold said “Well I think they need to start facing the fact it is an emergency, but really facing it. If they do that, and you realise that it’s your life or your children’s life at stake, then what are you prepared to do to save these lives.”

“We don’t want to give exact solutions, it’s for us to tell people to face the truth, and through our actions we will help people to start facing what the truth is and then it’s for them to get into that mindset of what they can do when they really think of it as an emergency,” she continued.

They also posted on social media channels and asked to cancel London Fashion Week with a caption “We face an existential threat if we do not change course by 2020, yet meaningful action has not yet begun. We need culture to lead the way. Fashion is one of the most polluting industries and one of the most influential. Fashion should be a cultural signifier of our times, and yet it still adheres to an archaic system of seasonal fashion and relentless newness at a time of emergency. ” , You can see the post below –


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