Naomi Janumala

These Indian Models Are Working With Big Fashion Brands Abroad

Recently, Rihanna had chosen a 19 year old Indian girl, Naomi Janumala to be the face of her cosmetic brand Fenty, generating a lot of excitement. Now this trend is changing rapidly.

A few years ago, Indian models were not so popular. However, now it seems Indian models both male & female are leading the charge in diversifying the fashion scene in the west. Fashion houses in the west no longer limiting their search to typical white girls.

In the past few months, we have seen roster of models on international ramps like Bhumika Arora, Pooja More and now Indian models too gaining popularity in the industry and walking the runways in the big four Paris, Milan, London and New York.

Chakshu Sharma for BUSCEMI, Milan Fashion Week 2019. Credits: Anima Creative Management PVT LTD.
Tuhir Brahmbhatt
Tuhir Brahmbhatt for Louis Vuitton, Paris Fashion Week 2019. Credits: Anima Creative Management PVT LTD.
Pratik Shetty
Pratik Shetty for Loewe, Paris Fashion Week 2019. Credits: Anima Creative Management PVT LTD

Pratik Shetty recently walked for MSGM at the Paris Fashion Week last month. He landed 15 shows during the fashion week and topped it off by closing the show for Lanvin. Another Indian model, Tuhir Brahmbhatt was launched in an exclusive debut for Louis Vuitton while Chakshu Sharma made his entrance last season with Marni and later walked for Loewe.

Much of it was changed in the fashion industry where criticism against designers only casting white models has forced a change in attitudes. “With the International Fashion Industry finally including faces from all ethnic backgrounds, it was just a matter of time before Indian male models arrived on the Global stage. It’s a bit of a trend at the moment with new faces popping up each season and we hope it will not just be that, a trend, but a mainstay in the seasons to come,” says Stobe in an interview.

According to Store, there is surplus of male models in India. “Freelance models will do almost anything to try and get exposure or land a job and, sadly, they only end up damaging their own careers by choosing to work for next to nothing, some for free, and some even paying designers to be on the shows for them. There are always exceptions, of course, but this is the reality for most of the boys,” she says.

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