Friendship Day 2019

Friendship Day 2019 Gift Ideas To Make Your Friend Feel Fashionable

This year Friendship Day is coming and friendship can be really tough when you feel your friend deserves the world but you only have a few bucks in your wallet. Friendship Day truly makes us realize the value of our best friend and also makes us feel broke when we can’t give them what they you want.

If you’re wondering what to buy your best friend to make them feel special and if they are fashion enthusiasts then make them more fashionable without breaking the bank, here are some ideas.

This day is important no matter how much you pay for them. If you’re having low budget and still want to treat your friend then don’t worry here are some ideas.

Tops / Tees

You can buy t-shirts for your best friend which range from 399-499. They are great and everyone loves it. Who don’t likes new clothes ?, you can search on amazon , Flipkart and other e-commerce websites under this range.


Socks have easily become one of millennial favourite things in their fashion. Socks make the best gift for anyone. Regular and fussy socks still make a very comfy present. They’ll cost you anywhere between 150-350.

Casual Shoes

Shoes are the best part of your fashion style. Everyone notices shoes before they checkout your clothes. You can give casual shoes to your best friend to make them more fashionable. They come under the range of 599.


If you’re giving gift to your girl best friend then earrings is one of the best gift. Girls loves earrings as much as they love makeup kits and clothes. Earrings comes under the range of 150-300 and there are variety of earrings available in various e-commerce websites.


Handbags is another one the best gift to anyone. Girls love handbags and nowadays little cute handbags is a trendy thing you must have.


Sunglasses is always cool and people love it. They make you feel more fashionable by just wearing this. This summer gift your friend a sunglass and they’ll love it.

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