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French Designer Jean Paul Gaultier Hits Out At ‘Ridiculous’ Fashion Waste

Jean Paul Gaultier accuses big brands of harming the planet with ‘far too many collections with far too many clothes’.

The French designer claimed companies are in a ‘contest’ to make the most clothes that are ‘more like advertising’ and ‘not to be worn’. Recently, he told BBC news that, “Big groups are doing more collections, new collections with a big amount of clothes. It’s absolutely ridiculous.” Researchers have found that 300,000 times of clothes are buried in landfill or burned in incinerators for energy in Berlin.

Gaultier who founded his eponymous fashion label in 1982, has said that his next collection in January will focus on recycling. “Keep your clothes and after we can make something new. I will help you do that” he added. He was also criticised Burberry for burning £28million worth of clothes in 2017 in a bid to stop counterfeiters selling their goods to the wrong people on the grey market.

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