China May Overtake The U.S As The World’s Largest Fashion Market Says Report

According to McKinsey & Company, this year will do down in fashion industry because they believe that Greater China, for the first time in centuries will overtake the US as the world’s largest fashion market.

We have seen that Chinese collections is one of most popular collections in international fashion weeks. “Several years ago foreign brands held a higher positioning than domestic brands, but as the definition of ‘Made in China’ has shifted, Chinese brands are becoming go-to places for their design and lifestyle relevance,” said Sandy Chu, trends writer and researcher.

Today, we are listing top five Chinese brand to watch in 2019.

Urban Revivo

Urban Revivo known as “The Chinese Zara”, and this brand itself a “trendsetter of fast luxury.” Last year the company store was opened in London followed by Singapore. In 2017, the company’s vice-president, Raymond Ngoh, told Singapore’s Straits Times that it was eyeing aggressive international expansion, with 400 stores planned for launch by 2020. 

Urban Revivo most recently opened a three story store in Bangkok, Thailand. Its offering micro many of the hottest styles in the West, and Ngoh says “The company is committed to delivering a level of quality superior to what shoppers might expect. ”

Urban revivo
An Urban Revivo advertising campaign. Photo: Urban Revivo


This 20 year old affordable fashion company selling their products in lower-tier cities and has earned a place in the hearts of Gen Z and millennial trendsetters across China. In the year 2018, Peacebird made its debut at New York Fashion Week. “Peacebird is pretty famous in China,” design director Xu told Glossy. “It’s very popular with young people in China. So we came to NYFW to emphasize the convergence of Chinese and Western culture.”

An ad for Peacebird, one of several Chinese high street fashion brands looking to attract Western consumers. Photo: Peacebird


Bosideng was established in the 1970s and from then onwards supplied down jackets to international brands such as Adidas. In 2012, the company opened a New York and a London store. In October, they announced the launch of capsule collections created in collaboration with three high profile designers Ralph Lauren design director Tim Coppens, former Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton designer Antonin Tron, and Yohji Yamamoto collaborator Ennio Capasa.

A Bosideng show at the New York Fashion Week in September 2018. Photo: Bosideng


Ochirly is Guangzhou-based trendy group managed by the LVMH. They bills itself as a European-inspired fashion label (its name in Chinese means “the charm of European fashion”). Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid have modelled its collections.

An Ochirly advertising picture. Photo: Ochirly

Me & city

Dubbed China’s answer to H&M, premium fashion label Me & City sells casual-chic urban clothing for both genders but has faced growing competition from Western labels. It has worked with the likes of British fashion icon Alexa Chung and actor Wentworth Miller of Prison Break, but nowadays relies less on overseas celebrities. It recently made its debut at Shanghai Fashion Week as part of the first stage of its “big comeback,” according to China Daily.

me and city
A Me & City show at Shanghai Fashion Week. Photo: AFP/Angela Weiss

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