Billie Eilish

American Singer-Songwriter Billie Eilish Is Now A MCM Model

American songwriter, singer and model Billie Eilish is having a great July. After teaming up with her idol Justin Bieber for the “Bad Guys (Remix)”, the pop princess is now the face of MCM’s fall/winter 2019 campaign.

“For me she’s a bit of a role model for younger generations, even though she would probably hate the word,” Schönberger told WWD in an interview. “I’ve seen her play concerts and she tells her fans to be themselves without holding back.”

Billie Eilish

Eilish stays true to her signature style by layering an oversized cream and red MCM tracksuit over a white shirt with MCM logo written around the neck. It was photographed by Lea Colombo.

Billie Eilish

Elsewhere in the campaign of 2019, She wears an oversized black sweatsuit with red strap on the wrist of the hoodie and on ankle of the pants, paired with a bubblegum pink MCM beanie hat. “I like to glorify the things that make people uncomfortable,” Eilish says in the promo clip posted to MCM’s official socials. It’s Billie’s approach to everything—fashion, music, etc.—that has made her the voice of Gen Z and a perfect match for MCM’s aesthetic.

Billie Eilish

“This is such a strong message at a time where uniformity is somehow on the rise,” Schönberger added. “She’s a game-changer: Not only is she disruptive, but it also feels like she can’t be corrupted. It’s not a marketing trick: She is that person. She really stands out in the current music scene.”

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