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Missguided’s Under $2 Bikini Prompted Customers To Questions The Brand’s Sustainability & Ethicality

We all know the fact that fast fashion is less than good for the Earth. Brands are creating more clothes day by day and consumers are consuming it. Between the industry’s regular use of toxic dyes and non-biodegradable polyester along with low sale prices encourages consumers to buy more. Their environmental impact is so serious right now. But last week Missguided broke the internet when they launched $2 Bikini, some people are like A Bikini ? For just over $2 ?

According to the sources, this is actually the second time when the retailer has released its $2 Bikini, which was available exclusively on their UK site. Missguided posted on Twitter to announce the bikini’s return, writing, “IT’S BACK @brown.ellie in the £1 bikini set everyone will notice (but your bank account won’t) Shop the ‘one pound bikini’ in sizes 4 -24 on site but be quick babe, there’s limited stock.

Featuring a classic triangle top and string bikini bottoms, the swimsuit looks like a typical offering from the retailer and this is one thing people like to have this on their closet. Who doesn’t love a classic black bikini ?

Due to awareness of fast fashion in last few months, people notice some major issues. People come forward to react to the product and bring up concerns as to why a bikini so cheap should raise some red flags. First, customers brought up the fact that set is made of 85% polyester. Not only the product is non-biodegradable, but also requires a water-thirsty production process. While some people also claiming that a bikini with such a cost is not possible to cover material fees, production cost and fair wages.

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