Naomi Janumala

Meet 19-year Old Mumbai Girl Naomi Janumala Starring In Rihanna’s Fenty Campaign

Rihanna recently launched her new fashion brand Fenty which is already making so much news in the international market. From openly embracing diversity in the brand’s campaign to recently introducing curvy mannequins, She is pioneering a fashion label that is truly inclusive.

Indian model, Naomi Janumala, who is a part of Fenty campaign. She is born and raised in Mumbai and started her career as model with Anima Creative Management almost three years ago. Today, she is the top Indian model whose face is seen across international brands like Alexander Wang, Adidas, H&M, Levi’s, American Eagle to new a few.

Naomi Janumala
Naomi Janumala

Janumala shares her experience of working with Rihanna, “When I first met Rihanna, we hugged, and the first thing she asked me was, ‘Where are you from?’ When I told her I was from India, she screamed, ‘I knew it, I knew I wanted you! You’re so gorgeous, it’s annoying, I don’t even want to stand next to you! Ahhh!’” remembers Janumala, who was pleasantly surprised. “I can’t even believe it sometimes that she said all of that to me.”

The reason behind Rihann’s interest in having an Indian model on board was because some pieces from Fenty’s collection borrowed inspiration from the country’s traditional wear. “She told me how some of her clothes and earrings were inspired by a sari and jhumkas,” says Janumala.

Rihanna and Naomi Janumala
Behind the Scenes of Shoot

On being asked about one unforgettable memory from her shoot, She spoke about how Rihanna was always hyping her up. “I wish I could show you videos of how excited and dedicated she was while shooting. We clicked so well. Every time we got the shot, she would ask me, ‘Where have you been all my life?’ Everyone in the production team asked me if Rihanna and I had known each other before,” she laughs.

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