Measure and Made

Introducing Measure & Made’s Fitlogic Technology – The Revolutionary Sizing System

Clothing trends, technology, beauty routines – nearly everything has changed since the 1940s.  So why are most women’s retail brands still using the same clothing size chart that was developed then?

Research over the years has shown that the traditional women’s size chart no longer works, which is why Measure & Made has utilized the revolutionary Fitlogic® sizing system to bring perfectly fitted pants to all women

Measure and Made

Measure & Made’s vision is to provide all women with clothes that feel as if they were custom made and to take the guesswork out of shopping. Their product is powered by Fitlogic, a unique patented sizing system that not only takes into account your size, but more importantly your unique shape, and was concepted and developed over a 15 year period. 

Imagine a world where you never have to think about what size you are, all you need is your Measure & Made with Fitlogic size, shape number to build your wardrobe and Take Back Your Closet. Their mission is to provide confidence in the FIT you love from the brand you TRUST.

Measure and Made

While the conventional sizing system used for decades only takes pure size into consideration, Measure & Made is powered by the unique Fitlogic technology fitting all pants according to a woman’s body shape.  94.8% of women fall into one of three body shapes – straight, hourglass or curvy.  Measure & Made’s pants are tailored to flatter each of these shapes, solving problems that women traditionally experience – such as bagginess in the rear and thigh on Shape 1 (straight) and a gap in the back on Shape 3 (curvy).
Through its e-commerce platform, Measure & Made walks customers through a simple quiz, in which they answer questions about their height, traditional pant size, and where they tend to gain/lose weight in order to determine their shape.  The quiz then determines their Fitlogic Size and Shape, so they can order their Measure & Made pants or jeans in the perfect fit.

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