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In The Future You Hardly Need To Wash Your Clothes

According to the recent studies, there are some clothing manufacturers who are looking to change the apparel industry by offering clothing that encourages fewer washings. Detergent companies and Laundromats will not be pleased after hearing this news but this might be our future soon.

Companies like Unbound Merino specialize in what they call travel clothes. Those items are made of heavy-duty filers like wool and designed to be washed infrequently. There are many other companies like this, for example Pangaia which makes clothing out of cotton and seafood filers and treats them peppermint oil, a natural antibacterial agent which will help you clothes to keep them fresh. Also, these clothes tend to let your bodies breathe, reduce the chance of trapping sweat and letting odor-causing bacteria linger.

The idea behind this whole scenario is that industry want to design clothes in such a way that is easier for you for traveling. Since, finding places to wash your clothes can sometimes becomes difficult, especially if you’re traveling. And other vision is that to create more Eco friendly attire, fewer washes means less water used.

Now, the point is we have to see how these detergent companies will tackle this problem who is spending millions of dollars for marketing. If the above idea works perfectly then they may face some difficulties in the future.

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