#IamFashionBlogger : ‘My Black Skirt’ Quit The Job To Follow Her Passion

Nischita Babu who is also known as My Black Skirt had an interview with us and she told us about many things from how she find her passion to what she is doing right now and plans for future. Following a passion is one of the most special thing that can happened to anybody’s lives.

In the early days of her career, Nischita was a manager in one of the big IT company and being creative was something her job lacked which really bothered her. One day, She randomly decided to quit her job and started following her passion which to own a fashion label or to become a pastry chef. She started inquiring about the baking schools and shortlisted two schools one in USA and other one in Hong Kong. But the admissions was not opened at that time.

Fashion was something she was always passionate about and since she had lot of free time, she started her blog with a name My Black Skirt. Nischita started documenting her blog daily. One fine day, Forever 21 approached her and asked how much she charge to post about their upcoming sale ?, that day she released this could be a profession too. When she started blogging, it was not saturated as it is today. Nowadays, one of the big problem bloggers is facing is that brands are approaching them for a free work and for which Nischita says “I mostly say no to such brands. I believe in values, if someone can’t appreciate my time and effort I find no point in working with them. But, if I am head over heels with the brand I consider barter assignments, but very occasionally.

Nischita Babu

Her consistency and keep curating creative content is the biggest motivation to writing blogs each day. “ it’s so difficult to churn out content every single day, especially when there are days my content doesn’t reach to a wider audience due to Instagram’s algorithm. When something brings me down, all I do is pause and think the purpose of me starting my blog, the purpose is to vent my creativity. And when I am clear in the head, I am all charged up again, “ added Nischita.

Blogging made her confident and taught self love. She have worked with many big fashion brands like Givenchy, Audi, Kiehl’s, Tanishq, Tata Motors, Amazon to name a few. Her future plan to own her fashion label. And her three advice to beginners is that content is the king, patience is the key and don’t give up!

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