Shalini Chopra

#IamFashionBlogger : How Computer Engineer Shalini Chopra Become Blogger Of The Year

Are you a computer engineer and looks like a hardcore coder all the time ? Then don’t worry Shalini is here to inspire all of you. Fashion is not easy at all and blogging is even more one of the hard working job but Shalini Chopra who is also known as Stylist By Nature have many achievements on her name like from Best Fashion Blogger of South to Blogger of the Year 2018. Today, we will take a look on her life like how from being a computer engineer she turned into fashion blogging and become one of the famous fashion blogger of India.

Shalini describes herself as a computer engineer by education & profession. But her heart is always into fashion because her entire family is into fashion business. She always used to dressed up at work and earlier in the college days and she’ll get to asked how she complied her looks and from where she picked her outfits from.

In the early days, when she moved from Delhi to Bangalore, she got time while wanting to switch her job but she was not sure what to do. Then she started using social media to express her views on fashion but she was not able to connect with the right audience then somebody suggested her blogging. Blogging is the best platform for anyone who want to connect with like minded people and share information about what are my views on this particular type of fashion, how I compile my look and interact with who share comments and feedback.

Shalini Chopra

Social media is impacting life of so many people in different ways but you have to figure it out how you want to spend your time on social media platforms. For Shalini it was great opportunity to connect her blogging life with social media because back in time when she started blogging about ten years ago. There was a shift from print to digital media. “ But, now people have even less time to spare to read, so content needs to be crisp, clear, to the point, precise and visual, as well. The shift from blogging to social media has actually been easier, since everything is app based. “ , says Shalini in an interview.

Shalini Chopra

Influencer marketing has increased a lot as compared to what it was few years back. Now, brands understands digital marketing and how consumers consume products through digital platforms in which influencers play a vital role in online sales. Things are more sorted now and we don’t need to explain why digital media works, added Shalini. Also, She choose brands that fits into her vision and agenda and She don’t mind saying no to brands that don’t work for her because its about maintaining trust with readers more than the money. She try every products herself and see if it worth and only then share her experience with readers.

Her advice for beginners is that, “be very clear as to what you want to cater to and your vision, know what sort of freshness you’re bringing to the content (given there is so much competition), ask yourself how you content will add value to your readers, be original and more than numbers try to connect with real people, even if they are few in the beginning.

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