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#IamFashionBlogger : ‘Her Vagabond Life’ Loves To Document Her Life On Social Media

In today’s world, we hear the words blogger bandied around a lot. The fashion industry is no longer solely governed by magazine or newspaper editors. Today’s fashion show’s front rows are mixed with journalists, stylists and celebrities and those that fit somewhere in-between.

While the internet has infinite space, there’s not much out there outlining the distinctions between each role and who decides what is considered fashionable. The easiest way of describing a blogger is someone who is known primarily for their website. It might be photo-based or written. Fashion bloggers have a point of view, a certain taste and a unique way of presenting and documenting fashion whether visual or written.

Today, we will talk about Sonia Garg, one of the best fashion blogger from Delhi. In recent days, we interviewed her to know more about how social media is impacting her life.

About Sonia Garg

Sonia describe herself as a 22 years old creative weirdo who loves clothes, editing her photos, workout and documenting her life through social media. She is passionate about these things since a very young age and things actually turn out when she was doing internships during her college days. In the second year of her college, she randomly opened a WordPress blog with a name Her Vagabond Life just after finishing her internship at an online fashion company, since then she is following her passion.

Problems & Solutions

As a fresher, she faced many challenges in the early days like lack of professional skills to work with brands, not enough people to support and her mother used to click pictures when she returned from college. She managed to solve these problem by learning from her own mistakes and also took advice from family and friends too. Sonia used to attend every event happening in town to understand how this industry works and that’s what everyone should learn, you cannot blame situation you have to figure it out how to solve your problems by your own. “Learning and observing is the key”, said Sonia in an interview.

Motivation Behind Passion

So, what keeps her motivated for doing this profession everyday ? Well, achievements & appreciation is the biggest motivation for everyone. Within three months of starting her blog, she got featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, the youngest among other people. Also, the love and support from the community is what keeps her motivated to do this job. Till now, she has worked with many big brands like Global Desi, Panasonic, Lavie, Shein, Guess etc. to name a few. Her passion is not only giving confidence but also making her financially independent.

Advice For Beginners

Sonai’s advice to aspiring bloggers is that, “There’s competition only if you think there is, create your own way to success by just being who you are.

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