#IamFashionBlogger : From Being An Engineer To Fashion Blogger, Story of Newfangled Girl

There are millions of people who is writing blogs about fashion, lifestyle and beauty but only few succeed to the next level. A fashion blog can cover many things such as clothing, accessories, beauty tips, trends etc. Bloggers cover fashion at all levels from the largest fashion design houses to the smallest independent designers.

When it comes to fashion blogging, it is actually a lifestyle-friendly business as mostly you get to work from home, target your topic of interest and share your creative talents. In a way, you are your own boss. Today, we will talk with Astha Jain who is also known as Newfangled Girl that how she started this journey of being an engineer to fashion blogger.

Astha Jain

Astha describes herself as a blogger, digital marketing consultant, engineer and photographer. She loves to share her experience about her lifestyle and that’s why she started her blog in the year 2015 with a name Newfangled Girl. In this blog she writes about traveling, fashion, lifestyle and beauty as well as makes videos about these topics too. Being a fashion and travel enthusiast with a great sense of style leads her to start this journey. Over the years she was dreaming of traveling the world and things changed when last year she did her three months trip to seven south-east Asian countries, that time her blog got a little lit of success and recognition. After that her story got featured in many online websites like Financial Express, Hot Friday Talks etc. Now, with her blog, she’s sharing her experience about the trip and motivating the people who loves traveling.

Astha Jain

There is an enormous and growing number of fashion and traveling blogs. Back in time, Astha faced this problem because there was huge number of competition out there and you have to be at your best to stay away from the crowd. Meanwhile, she stayed patient in these kind of conditions and waited for a fruitful result. Her passion for traveling and exploring the culture around the world keeps her motivated all the time. “ My life is more sorted, flexible, & chill now, I have completed more than 3 years of being self employed as a blogger, Influencer & Digital Marketing Consultant & I am happily enjoying it. “, says Astha in an interview.

Her advice to beginners is that, “only do this if you’re really passionate about it and find your niche & follow your unique style instead of doing what everyone else is doing.

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