Shanghai Fashion Week

How Designers Have Made Shanghai, ‘Paris Of The East’

The Chinese fashion market is entering a new era powered by consumers and smart consumption. The new designers are returning back to home from renowned global institutions like Royal Academy of Arts, London’s Central Saint Martins, Parson in NYC etc. to express their own voices in their hometown. These choices are opening broader community for the future of Chinese fashion and the industry globally.

Today, we will be showing you how these designers are changing the way fashion was before in the China.

Shanghai is the largest city in China and also known as Paris of The East for its fashion style and creativity. So, it is no surprise that the city is becoming global fashion hub because of it’s creativity. The designer community has fostered a freer and more innovative environment for fresh ideas to thrive, offering opportunities in the city itself.

Shanghai Fashion Week
A model presents creations by the Chinese fashion designer Angel Chen.

In general Fashion has always been exclusive and restricted to a closed friend and a inner circle and tends to be challenging for newcomers to infiltrate. But in the city like Shanghai, much of the new talent has graduated from the same schools and they built a strong connections during student years spent abroad. Li Yushan, who co-designs the rising menswear label says, “We had share resources with anyone who was from the same schools as us and this is hugely beneficial for someone starting out in the industry.”

There is no doubt that why Shanghai Fashion Week has become one of the most watched fashion events in the world not because of commercial power but due to this explosion of local creativity, says Tasha Liu, Founder of Labelhood.

A new generations of photographers like Leslie Zhang and Zeng Wu work closely with fashion designers such as Shushu/tong and Yirantian and stylist like Audrey and Liu Xiao. Their relationship extend beyond work and one most important thing is that their country’s tastemakers and fashion stakeholders are embracing local talent and discovering gifted new photographers designers and stylist and giving them opportunities to thrive.

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