Parul Gulati

From Acting To Founding Hair Extension Company, Story of Parul Gulati

Sometime we choose to do two different things at one time and managing those things perfectly is a very difficult task. However, some people are so good at this and can handle multiple task at one time. Mincero had a recent interview with one of such person who is none other than Parul Gulati, Indian actress and founder of Hair Extension Company Nish Hair.

Parul was born and brought up in Rohtak and moved to the city of dream Mumbai when she was just 17 years old. There are only few people in the world whose profession chose them not the other way round. One fine day, she got a message on Facebook while she was preparing for her 12th standard board exams. This over night success changed her life before she released that she already started working in film industry. Till now, She has appeared as lead actress in several Punjabi Films. In 2017, Gulati also appeared in TV series P.O.W – Bandi Yuddh Ke, Haq se web series in the year 2018 and also starred in Netflix production Selection Day, which is an Indian Netflix Original based on Aravind Adiga’s novel of the same name.

Parul Gulati

Apart from acting, Gulati have a great taste of fashion, when we asked her how she is managing her acting & fashion career so well, She replied, Well acting is my main job, So i don’t have to do much. Just have to keep my self sane from time to time. As it is a process of body and mind coming together and creating magic on screen. Whereas, Fashion career is a heavy word, fashion for most of the people  is about their comfort, for me its the other way around. I feel if fashion was comfortable everyone will be fashionable, heels are never comfortable but i love heels, anyway so it depends on my mood i do not make deliberate choices per say. But when you have a stylist who is really amazing, they make your job easy. For me it is Karishma Gulati, for my every outing she is responsible and for making me look fashionable.”

Parul Gulati

Coming from a small town, she faced some problems in the early days like fluency in English, loving herself and accepting that she was from small town but she managed to tackle all these problems. “ By shown a mirror by people around me and what I saw was an ugly truth and more importantly seeking therapy. And once i started loving my self, everything became easy. I know it sounds damn deep or it can sound superficial to a few but truly by just owning up to your mistakes and accepting yourself with all your flaws makes everything simple”, says Gulati.

Parul Gulati

Parul loves what she is doing and she get to be someone else each day by keeping her sanity at the same time. That some day she won’t be there but her characters will still keep on affecting the minds and lives of people in some way or the other. Have you wonder why actors and their portrayal of a certain character is held responsible for the social change ? She want to be that, She want to be timeless with her characters.

Her advice to beginners is that love and accept your self, stop comparing yourself to others (as they have not experienced what you have), be constant at whatever that you do (it might take time to show results but when it will, it’ll be worth it.)

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