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Calling All The Fashion Bloggers & Influencers To be Featured In Mincero’s Upcoming Campaign

We’re happy to announce that Mincero is launching it’s upcoming campaigns on Fashion bloggers & influencers. The campaign will run worldwide covering all the fashion enthusiasts out there with a hashtag #IamFashionBlogger .

What is the campaign all about ?

In this campaign, Mincero team will interview bloggers around the world & some of them will get a chance to be featured on our website. We will write an article on you mentioning all of your work & how you’re impacting your social community.

Who is eligible ?

Anyone who is interested in Fashion industry and running their blogs, Instagram page and working with brands are eligible. The candidates should have at least website or Instagram page with good number of followers.

When it will start ?

The campaign will start from 14th June 2019.

What is the procedure ?

Send us a mail at with a subject line “I want to be a part of Fashion Campaign” then we will share the further details.

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