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Buyers Want Sustainable Fashion, But Don’t Want To Pay For It : What Should Brands Do ?

Fast fashion is raising each day and sustainability in fashion is an alarming issue in the world right now, but they people ready for this ? Recently Nosto, an e-commerce platform showed report that of 2,000 Unites States and United Kingdom based shoppers was surveyed. And it showed that shoppers don’t always want to pay for the extra cost associated with them.

The report also shows that more than 52 percent of consumers do want the fashion industry to bring more sustainable practices in the market. Only 29 percent of consumers would pay more for sustainably made versions of the same items and other people would like to receive discounts on clothing items.

There is a huge disconnect between the idea of sustainable fashion and where consumers, especially of younger generations would spend their money on it.

Another report from ecological certification company Oeko-Tax illustrated that 69 percent of Millennials look for sustainable products while doing clothing purchases and only 37 percent actually bought clothes from brands with that focus.

There is no surprise that this graph is slowing down the sustainability in fashion industry. However, few companies got benefited from this saying that it’s solving industry problems. Now the point is what brands should actually do in order to maintain everything ? It will be interesting to see what’s next will be come soon.

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