A Washable, Wearable Transistor Is Here To Change The Future Of Fashion

Researchers from Korea Institute of Science and Technology recently invented a fibrous organic transistor coated in crystalline nano-structure. The device looks set to revolutionize the rapidly growing field of wearable tech.

The transistor is made of double-stranded assembly of electrode microfibers inside an organic semiconductor sheath and was designed by Soo Jin Kim from the KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology.)

According to the team, the transistor can be easily incorporated into textiles, wearable brands and will behave identically to clothing fabric. This device has gone through many tests from bent and twisted to several times in a strong detergent solution.

People working in fashion industry will get so fascinated after seeing this device. Many current designs for wearable tech rely on the electronic components being removable to avoid twin hazards of system failure and wearer electrocution(a situation which severely constraints the design possibilities for garments. )

The results of this study point to a new device structure that can overcome the limitations of current electronic textiles, including low current, high activation voltage, and low resilience to washing. We expect that our study will contribute to the development of even smarter wearable products in the future, including next-generation wearable computers and smart clothing that can monitor vital signs,” says co-author Jung-ah Lim.

Now the amazing part will be see this device being used by fashion brands to enhance the clothing experience.

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