Why People Are Concern About FashionTech Wears

FashionTech might be the future of fashion industry because of its innovative products from wearable watches to AI dresses. But how many people are really interested in this ? How many people buying the products worldwide ? The real question is how many people are comfortable in wearing these gadgets every time on their body ?

Innovation is at one place but comfort is at another. There might be some products which is very comfortable in wearing but it really narrow down your choice. Today, we have listed some points because of which we think FashionTech products are not upto that mark and in future if these problems cannot be solved then it might fail for the mass audience.

High Pricing

FashionTech products are really expensive and most of the people are not able afford it. Some people raises their voices against it but nothing seems to be happened. People having enough money to afford such things are the only one who can experience this enhancement in clothing. What’s the point of innovation if it cannot reach to majority of the people ?

Climatic Condition

We have seen that most of the Tech oriented products are not climate free means they are not adjustable to climatic conditions. People cannot wear a full sleeve t-shirt every day or in summers and vice-versa.

Hardware Problem

Suppose you brought one dress which tells your heart rate in real time but later that hardware in your dress got broke then you cannot wear that dress anymore. In this case some companies will have a return policy but not every company.

Lack of Variety

When it comes to fashion everyone wants to look stunning and they don’t care about tech. that time. Tech. oriented products don’t give much variety in terms of colors, design and fabric. So, you have limited options to try and to show off your looks.

We want to hear what you people think of this. Let us know in the comment box below.

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