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Next In Fashion : Netflix Launching Its Own Fashion Series

After the huge success of Project Runway TV show, Netflix is launching its own fashion series “ Next in Fashion “which will be hosted by Queer Eye’s Tan France. Project Runway is the most popular fashion centric reality show to ever hit on TV. Netflix new series on fashion will be targeting younger demographic with talent like Tan France, who will co-host this season with style icon, designer and model Alexa Chung.

This series is kinda similar to Project Runway. There will be 18 designers who will face challenges on trend or design style. But unlike the Project Runaway participants, who can be virtual unknowns, In this contenders will have worked for major brands and dresses A-List celebrities.

The First season will have ten episodes. Guest judges will be celeb stylist Elizabeth Stewart, director of fashion partnerships at Instagram Eva Chen are among others. This fashion series is created and produced by theoldschool and is executive produced by Robin Ashbrook and Yasmin Shackleton with co-executive producer Adam Cooper says Netflix in an interview.

While not entirely original in concept, Next in Fashion may be able to capitalise on the star power of its co-hosts and especially Tan. It’s very much the Top Chef of the fashion design reality show world.

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