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France Leading Global Fashion Sustainability Effort

France is taking lot’s of efforts for Global Fashion Sustainability as it is considered to be world’s fashion industry hub.

Kering SA Chief Executive Officer Francois-Henri Pinault is leading the effort elected by French President Emmanuel Macron. Kering is the parent company of many luxury fashion brands like Gucci, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta and Aleander McQueen.

France is known for its luxury fashion producer now wants brands from all over the world to commit progress on climate change issues like ocean health, biodiversity etc. They set some targets to eliminate disposable plastics within three years or converting renewable energy sources by 2030.

Pinault in an interview at a conference in Copenhagen said, “All of the major actors are working on these issues and the problem is that doing everything separately we don’t have the impact that we should..”


As governments and consumers have become increasingly concerned about the fashion industry’s harmful impact on earth some big brands banned use of controversial materials like fur or deployed new materials in place of that like mushroom leather for handbags etc.

Recently, LVMH announced its partnership with UNESCO on protecting key ecosystems for supporting the luxury fashion industry will use habitat of black bees honey for its Huerlain skincare products.

According to BCG report, progress on improving fashion’s environment and social impact isn’t moving fashion enough to counteract the rapid growth in production. Let’s see how things will change in future for all of us.

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