The World’s Second Largest Fashion Group H&M Is Working On Artificial Intelligence

Hennes & Mauritz is popularly known as H&M is a Swedish multinational clothing retail brand nowadays investing heavily on artificial intelligence and customer loyalty. They are improving the way it spots trends and ultimately reduce discounted sales and plies of unsold stock. As last month, H&M shares a report of a rise in the sale of full-price garments. It was not only the designers who made this successful but a backroom improvements which at last paying off.

H&M head of Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Arti Zeighami told media company that “the strategy is starting to bear fruit as the company extends pilot projects that seek to use data to match supply and demand more closely. Allocating the right goods to the right stores in the right markets is one of the key projects we are working on. For 2019 we have huge plans for growing that and hopefully, by the end of next year, covering globally.”

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