Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra At Women In The World Summit Talks About Feminism

Priyanka Chopra always do something special and unique which makes her more valuable than other actresses. Her huge fan following from Bollywood to Hollywood making everyone proud. In this year Women in the World Summit which happened in New York City’s Lincoln Center, she was one of the speaker over there with other eminent personalities around the globe. All the panelist, speakers talks about alarming issues happening around the world.


Priyanka shared the stage with founder of Women in the World Summit Tina Brown and had a impactful conversation of her career as an activist & entrepreneur. She talks about feminism and stated it is all about choices. She also added that today’s golden power you have is your ideas, allow your brain to have ideas, think how you can implement those ideas because this is the time we can do it. Never in history of mankind we been able to sit in our homes, have an idea and can develop an app & monitize it. You can make the right connection, it’s all about the people mindset that has to be updated a little bit.

Priyanka also shared her picture on Social Media and says “she is so proud to share the stage with incredible women who tool the stage before & after me. Your game changing work is shaping the world & moving the much needed needle for women. “

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