Kitty Yeung Bringing Up FashionTech Wave

Kitty Yeung is a well known Chinese scientist and call herself a “creative technologist” which means a group of like minded people who combines technology with creativity. She is currently working something like that and incorporating technology into fashion. Basically, she is enhancing the clothing we wear everyday with the help of technology and making your wardrobe a smart one. Her products are like clothes that can charge your phone, track your health records and keep us updated with weather condition all the time.


Yeung avant-garde style making fashion industry more revolutionary. Her passion for art and physics increases while growing up in China which made her unique in its own way. At the beginning, she used to design clothing for the character of stories she would write and after that she become more interested in physics & began to play with robotics. Later, she combined fashion & robotics together to make it functional and useful. She was a graduate students from Cambridge & completed her Ph.D from Harvard University in applied physics. She worked at Intel for a while and now working as the manager of Microsoft’s Garage.


She made on dress in which she embedded a heart monitor into a beautifully designed evening gown. That dress has three electrodes which to attached to your body and when the heart rate monitor detects your heart rate, you can even see your EKG and make it blink according to your heart rate. She said “I put it behind the flowers so it looked a little like fireflies.” This data can be later used by heath doctor. She made many products like that, her innovative ideas for fashion designing industry is very useful on a daily basis. Her story is inspiration to many aspiring fashion designers and the people who love art & physics.

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