Russia Fashion Week 2019

Gender Neutral Clothing At Russia Fashion Week

Genderless fashion is nothing new in more-progressive parts of the world but for a place like Russia, the idea is still rather niche. Emerging Russian fashion designers trying to change the trend & seeing clothing as subtle yet trenchant way to talk about gender expression and identity. This month Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Russia happened, let’s have a look on what was new in this year.

This year’s attendees were exposed to a fashion movement in which they were delivered a message of gender diversity and inclusion. It was not typically discussed or supported in Russia. It was a country where there was strict laws against the LGBTQ+ community.But, in the year 2017 European Court of Human Rights ruled that the law was illegal and a violation of freedom of expression. Later, Olya Volshebova is one of the fashion designer who launched her label volshebova in 2018. Now this year, in Russia Fashion Week she showed her second collection featuring knitwear and puffer jackets in pink hues. She said in an interview “Sometimes people get crazy that I dress boys in pink”.

Russia Fashion Week

While other designers like to present her menswear centric designs on mostly male bodies. She said “you don’t have to fit into gender roles, you can wear whatever you like to wear.”. She believes “it is very important for me to erase the boundary between the feminine and masculine.”

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