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Costume Designer of Game Of Thrones Spills Her Season 8 Secrets

Winter is finally here and HBO’s fantasy show Game of Thrones is setting new records every time whenever their episode aired on television. Recently, we saw third episode of season 8, don’t worry I’m going to put any spoilers here for the people who still didn’t watched it but today we gonna talk about the costume designer of this mind-blowing show.


Michele Clapton is the one behind every cool costume wore by all the characters.In an interview she was asked some questions like what fans should know about her designs and the characters they clothe. Michele was asked that were there any costume mishaps on set then she replied that early kingsguard armor was not appreciated by sound department because it was made of metal scales and they had to put Blu Track under every scale to stop the noise. Also, Jamie was the one who ruin an outfit a lot in the first season. She further added that there were many actors who wanted to keep their costumes with them except Kit Harington (Jon Snow) because the costume was too heavy and he hated that.


Michele always liked Sansa’s costumes and it’s closet to her own taste.Apart from that, there was one rumour that Daenerys and Jon costumes were made to look like each other as their characters got closer on which she replied that the costumes always tell us stories often hinting loyalties and desires. Also, she planned a special costumes for the characters last scenes.


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