Watch These TED Talks On Fashion To Get Inspired

Are you trying to make your career in fashion industry but feeling disappointment everywhere ? Then you come to the right place, no matter what the field, it is really important to get out of your comfort zone & put your maximum energy in the work which you’re trying to do. In fashion industry millions of people want to become famous model, best designer, open your own store or whatever it is. You should not give up until you achieve your dream, keeping your goals at the top of your priority list will take you at that place. Today, we will gonna list some of the best TED & TEDx talks from Fashion Industry which inspire millions of people around the world and who knows the next might be you.

How I went from child refugee to international model by Halima Aden

Halima Aden is the first women in the history of fashion industry who become model on the cover of Vogue Magazine. She shared the path how she become model from living in the refugee camp to cover of Vogue.

How fashion helps us express who we are – and what we stand for by Kaustav Dev

Kaustav Dey talked about the power of what we wear and examines how fashion gives us a nonverbal language of dissent and encourages us to embrace our authentic selves in which clothing can be a form of protest.

Plus-size ? More like my size by Ashley Graham

Body shaming not should be encouraged & promoted, you should be proud of yourself what you are and how you look. Ashley explains in her TEDx talk that how she stopped devaluing herself and reclaimed her body as her own.

How adaptive clothing empowers people with disabilities by Mindy Scheier

If you’re the kind of person who have favorite T-shirt or pair of jeans that makes you feel more confident and makes you more like you that’s because of what you wear can affect your mood, your self-esteem and your health. Mindy in her TED talk, talked about how wearing clothes can affect your confident & boost your self esteem.

We hope that you enjoy our blog on inspiring TED talks In Fashion, if you would like something to say. Comment below & do let us know.

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