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United Nations Launches Alliance For Sustainable Fashion

On 14th March, United Nations Environment Assembly launches UN Alliance for sustainable fashion. The fashion industry is the second-biggest consumer of water and is responsible for 8-10 per cent of global carbon emissions. It is more than all the maritime shipping and all international flights combined.

Fashion industry is releasing a million tons of synthetic microfibers into the ocean annually. The average consumer buys 60 per cent more pieces of clothing than 15 years ago. This per cent increases due to growing of fashion fashion. People nowadays changes their clothes quickly and buy another one. Due to which their old clothes creating more problems to the environment right now.

This alliance will be collaborating with UN agencies by analyzing their efforts in making fashion more sustainable, identifying solutions and fill the gaps in their actions.

“Many people succumb to buying seasonal trends that then get thrown away within a couple of months, and it’s just not sustainable,” says Nadya Hutagalung, a household name across Asia. “At the launch of the UN Sustainable Fashion Alliance we get to see people developing new fibers that are sustainable, have low water impact and low impact on the environment where they’re produced.”

According to the current situation and growing environmental threats, there is an urgent need to radically change our consumption and production systems said Naoko Ishiim CEO of the Global Environment Facility.

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