These San Francisco Based Clothing Startups That Prove New York City Isn’t The Only Capital of Fashion

San Francisco is always known as the hub of innovation, mainly in the field of technology, but if you think they are always into it then you might be wrong. There are several startups who are working in the world of fashion like Stitch Fix, Everlane, ThirdLove and many others. They are using data, sustainable fabrics and personalized solutions which proves that New York City isn’t the only capital of fashion industry. Today, let’s have a look on some of the innovative startups from San Francisco City.


Everlane is a brand of ethical approach. The fast and trendy fashion brand have classic stretch jeans, basic leather flats and $100 cashmere crew sweaters that aren’t the stuff of runway buzz only but you’ll wear for many and many years to come. And the best part about this brand is their radical transparency in which they reveal the true cost of products from materials to labor to transportation and then offer the price.

Source : Everlane Website


Gap Inc. was opened in the year 1969 and forty years later, they open their women’s athletic wear brand known as Athleta. From colourful leggings to performance workwear to underwear. They have powerhouse that combines style and fabric innovation in each of its products.

Source : Athleta Website

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is all around personal style and lifestyle for men and women. This company was founded 6 years ago and using technology of proprietary algorithms and the human touch of real stylists. It’s able to quickly examine the clothes their customers like. The company which is worth $2 billion in just six years is really one of the fastest growing fashion company from San Francisco.

Source : Stitch Fix Website

Modern Citizen

Another minimalist fashion brand from Bay Area is Modern Citizen. Minimal think smart, versatile and efficient instead. In this store you’ll find basics for work, travel and the weekend all in one place including accessories and beauty products from small brands. Its styles are the perfect example of a foundation you can dress up or down.

Source: Modern Citizen Website

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