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Seven Styles For Girls Who Can’t Drape The Six Yard Staple

There are many people who love wearing sari but can’t quite perfect the drape. If you’re one of them then don’t worry, we have some styles which guarantee the same look minus the effort you put in draping it.

Sari is consider to be the winning factor because of its sheer elegance and versatility. And it the only dress which can be wear as a day wear and evening wear. The traditional six yards is undoubtedly a wardrobe staple among all girls. It’s final look is dependent on how well the sari is draped and pleated.

Tarun Tahiliani in his recent Instagram post said that “The Indian woman of today has evolved and so has the sari, I think pre-constructed saris are in response to the needs of women of today, who have much lesser time to dress. But yet maintain comfort and style.” Now, let’s have some easy look to wear modern sari.

The Sari Gown

The Jumpsuit Sari

The Pant-Style Sari

The Sharara-or Palazzo-Style Sari

The Little Sari

The Sari Dress

The Lehenga Sari

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