Priyanka Chopra Will Join Oprah Winfrey At The Women In The World Summit 2019

In the past 10 years, Women in the world summit 2019 is going to be take place from April 20 to 12 in New York’s Lincoln Center. This year the event has called upon one of the most powerful women on the planet to lead it, Oprah Winfrey. They will also host an array of inspiring women including newly added Priyanka Chopra.

Many famous name will also join this summit including Stacey Abrams, Anna Wintour, Brie Larson, Cindy McCain, Adwoa About and many other. In her keynote, Oprah will offer her vision on this year’s imperative question : “Can women saye the world ?”

They will also focus on issues like how women can push the #MeToo movement forward, advancing female leaders, keeping journalism alive, advocating same sex-love and climate change.

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