Intelistyle’s A.I Software Defeat Fashion Stylist At London Fashion Week

Artificial Intelligence is expanding everywhere rapidly whether it is computers or any other field. A perfect style defines your outfits and how it was put together says about you, whether you put your own outfits or you were told by your personal stylist. But now, this trend seems to be bit changed how things were earlier. Artificial Intelligence is emerging as a powerful tool in fashion industry to shape personalized product suggestions and refine the way customers are targeted. So, if you’re confused in your styling or you don’t have personal stylist then no worries Intelistyle is here for you.

This London based startup have style app that lets their algorithm to do the styling but wait how fashion industry will respond to computer generated looks? Well, Intelistyle conducted an experiment in this year London Fashion Week in which participants were asked to take a quiz with 10 different sets of outfits. In each set, two outfits of similar style were compared by participants who had to guess which one was created by a human stylist. The other outfit, was created by an A.I. that crawls the web learning from thousands of different outfits across the web posted by stylists, influencers and retailers. Using deep learning, it extracts the essence of style by examining hundreds of different attributes. “The magic is that we don’t specify what the style parameters are”, Kostas Koukoravas, CEO of Intelistyle explains. “We just tell the A.I. what looks good and it learns on its own what parameters to look out for. It will be looking for attributes such as cut, style, colour, fabric as well as compatibility and what’s on trend”.

Intelistyle AI-derived and human styled outfits.

27 LFW participants were interviewed and scored 46% on average. For reference, selecting one of the outfits at random would have resulted in a 50% score. 70% of participants preferred outfits generated by A.I.Participants raved with reactions ranging from “It was almost impossible to see a difference” to “As good as if it was styled by a professional stylist” and “We want an AI stylist every day”.

So what does that mean for fashion? Are stylists at risk of getting replaced? Probably not. While the experiment was billed “A.I. vs Influencers”, it is really a human achievement. The A.I. is trained by looking at outfits and style based solely on human creativity. Designers, stylists and the fashion community are really the ones that are pushing the boundaries of style and fashion.

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