Christian Dior Launches Spring 2019 Ready To Wear Collection

On Monday, creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri made feminism part of her Dior and the show was all about feminism from starting speech to audience. Sometimes it looked like a slogan or alternative logo and sometimes it has seemed borrowed from the bold characters who inspired the designs. Today, rallying cry felt personal and insistent and it was a pleasure to see a women in power who oversees a massive worldwide business based on marketing to women’s whims and desires—make a case for feminism just because she can. It isn’t trendy, but it should be.

We gonna show you designs of this show and here is what you need to know. The silhouette was based on a romper. A bodysuit that might begin as a cashmere polo neck, a swirly tucked bustier, or a sassy halter will end mid-thigh as a comfortable boy short.This is a collection of sportswear in every sense. You take a romper, a skirt, a smart coat, a caped shawl, a trouser, a bustier, and then you layer as you like, mixing checks and palm trees, traditional couture-ish textiles and new techno-weaves, historically girlish gestures (little blooms, princessy bodice lines, tulle and sequins) and dude-like signatures (faded denim, leather jackets, drop-crotch trousers, exacting tailoring, anoraks).

Another reason for women to rejoice? Chiuri’s wise hand with accessories. The shoes are often jeweled, sometimes spectator, occasionally brogued. They are walkable and oh so pretty and a palate cleanser after the armies of stomping boots of Milan and New York. Who doesn’t love a pretty shoe? We can storm the barricades in kitten heels. Or march to the polls. Or open all borders. Yes, we can.

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