Calvin Klein Closing There Designer Fashion Collection

Calvin Klein moving forward after trendsetting fashion industry. C.K which is known for the brand whose combination of sex appeal and minimal sportswear helped define style for an international audience.

On Thursday, They said that they are eliminating High-End runway Fashion Collection. “Collection” is known as the official designation of the line shown during the fashion week. They are the most expensive part of the business which you most often have seen in magazine shoots otherwise on celebrities launching new designs. C.K unfortunately leaving the runway behind. The decision was made after departure of Chief Creative Officer Raf Simons. Although, it might affect the business model in the industry.

There is no doubt that Calvin Klein can continue to be a relatively healthy business. Other companies which have license to manufacture their ready-to-wear, accessories and swimwear will continue to make attempts at rebranding after abandoning the runway for licenses. C.K can be exception that makes a new rule.

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