Most Innovative Fashion Startup to Watch

Technology is changing world with its abilities to do something beyond nowadays there are exciting things happening in the fashion industry space. Fashion startups with the help of technology opening up new doors that retailers could only dream of few years back.

Advancement in technologies like image rendering, visual search, Artificial Intelligence (AI), QR codes, AR & VR have allowed for innovative startups to spring up and fill the gab between physical fashion field with technology. They are now enhancing retail experience and connecting more deeply with their customers. Let’s take loon on few startups in fashion world with most innovates ideas –

If you’re running e-commerce website then images are everything that increases sales but producing detailed images of each and every product can be time consuming and expensive too but wait a second we have a solution for your problem this Fashion startup EverThread created technology that can dramatically improve online merchandising for retailers through image rendering software which can create unlimited views of product for a single garment.

Source : EverThread Website

There are many fashion stylist who will say styling in an art but this fashion startup of London have different views on this topic. They have created AI engines that can tell you what will look good with what and it will also offer shopping suggestions based on your existing wardrobe. Intelistyle was awarded a grant from Innovate UK, the British government’s innovation agency. “What makes us unique,” says the company, “is that we’re the only service that will style your own clothes instantly and for free whether you’re ready to buy or not, creating more opportunities for engagement and building valuable knowledge about what you like.” And with their AI-based service able to make accurate styling suggestions for consumers, Intelistyle hopes to disrupt the industry enough to become the “Spotify of fashion”.

Source: Intelistyle Website

Sometimes online users faced problem like searching a product of which they only have image but don’t know the name of the product, its bit hard right ? But no worries from now onwards. This fashion tech startup based in Zurich is taking visual search to another level with 100% automatic results and no manual cropping required from the end user.

Source : Fashwell Website

BrightLabel presents a technology-driven solution for addressing this growing demand and fostering transparency between brands and consumers.BrightLabel works by allowing customers to scan a code on a product and access in-depth product information including care instructions, allergy information, sustainability features — even a dynamic map of the product’s journey through the value chain. Digital labels can be multimedia rich, with images and videos as well as textual information.

Source : Brighlabel Website

This company have been recognised as one of the best fashion startups by the New York Fashion Tech Lab & their founder was also listed in Forbes in “30 under 30” in the category of Retail & E-commerce. Headliner Labs was born from the concern that customer interaction is important for retailers. They have created chatbots with AI & natural language processing which easily connect with customers.

Source : Headliner Labs Website

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